Our batteries

Hoppecke lead-acid batteries have high cycle stability and are particularly suited to professional photovoltaic applications.

Hoppecke OPzS

Solar energy storage with Hoppecke OPzS:

Vented lead-acid batteries for cyclic applications, designed for off-grid systems, with maximum efficiency and compatibility options, extremely extended water refill intervals up to  maintenance-free.

Data sheet: OPzS

Baterías OPzV

Hoppecke OPzV

Hoppecke OPzV:

Maintenance-free regarding water re-filling, due to Gel-technology, with very high cycle stability, OPzV batteries offer maximum reliability for off-grid systems. Hoppecke also provide an accredited closed-loop recycling system for recovery of materials.

Data sheet: OPzV

baterías solar_bloc

Hoppecke Solarbloc

Hoppecke Solarbloc:

Valve-regulated lead-acid batteries for cyclic applications. Maintenance-free regarding water refilling.
Compact build, designed for off-grid / hybrid energy systems

Data sheet: Solar.bloc AGM