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Chargers and Inverters

Outback Series

With high pure sinusoidal voltage power, Outback inverters and solar controllers are a highly reliable choice for your residential or commercial energy system.

Robust and resistant in all weather, they are perfect for use in boats, caravans and full-scale off-grid systems.

OutBack Power inverter/chargers have a reputation of delivering superior product performance for remote off-grid power systems.
The FX Series Inverter/Charger is a pure sine wave inverter in modular form, one capable
of producing cleaner, more reliable electricity than what’s available from typical electrical grids—and adaptable to nearly any system configuration through a building-block design. This product can be optimized for a variety of applications including off-grid, grid-interactive, mobile and low power applications.


  • FX Series: Sealed chassis that can withstand high humidity, corrosive salt air and dust
  • VFX Series VFX: Ventilated chassis to maximise output in the hottest environments



Outback GFX Inverter

Outback GFX

The OutBack true sine wave GFX International Series Inverter/Charger is a competitive power solution designed for applications with lower power demands. Incorporating a DC to AC sine wave inverter, battery charger and AC transfer relay housed within a die-cast aluminium chassis, the International Series GFX Inverter/Charger gives you the ability to sell solar, wind or hydro power back to the utility grid while providing instantaneous backup power in the event of a utility outage.

Data sheet: Outback GFX

The GFX International Series built-in transfer relay automatically disconnects your loads from the utility grid and powers them from the inverter in the event of an outage, allowing you to continue using your solar and battery backup power (unlike traditional grid-tie systems). For areas that frequently experience power instability such as surges, spikes or brownouts, or where standard inverters have trouble syncing to the utility grid, the GFX International Series grid reconnect timers have been shortened to reduce overall sell-back downtime and improve system functionality.

Intelligent multi-stage battery charging prolongs the life of your batteries and built-in networked communications allow for simultaneous communications of up to 10 OutBack Power components within the system. The exclusive modular system architecture means that increased power output is just an additional inverter/charger away. Our GFX International Series uses a sealed chassis that can operate in the harshest environmental conditions such as high humidity and corrosive salt air. OutBack Power inverter/chargers are the only choice when you need a true sine wave, powerful, modular and reliable power solution for your home, business or extreme application.

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Outback VFX Inverter/Charger

Outback VFX

The VFX series features a ventilated, insect-proof chassis, allowing more AC power in the hottest environments.
It incorporates a AC-DC pure sine wave inverter, battery charger and AC transfer switch, all integrated within an aluminium housing. The smart multistage battery charger reduces the hours of operation of your generator, increasing the life of your batteries.

Data sheet: Outback VFX

The Outback FX / VFX series is true sine wave modular inverter/charger, which can be used for both small and large power systems (2-30 kW). Each inverter charger is a complete Outback FX AC-DC power conversion system, battery charger and AC transfer switch.

Additionally, the FX / VFX can be connected at any time in parallel (230/400 VAC.) This allows the system to be adapted for the specific conversion requirements of the application, from the moment of installation onwards.

    • True sine wave output
    • Intelligent battery charging
    • High operating efficiency
    • Corrosion-resistant internal components
    • Sealed aluminium chassis (FX)
    • Integrated network communications(VFX)
    • Low weight

Sunny Island Series

Inversor Sunny Island

Sunny Island Inverter

Sunny Island 5408

With easy installation, reliable operation and excellent value, the Sunny Island battery inverters are especially suitable for use in small or medium-sized off-grid systems. This equipment ensures a reliable and high quality power supply. Highly resistant to overloading and designed to operate in the hottest environments, it can be used even in extreme weather conditions.

Data sheet: SI5048


      • For systems from 2 to 5 kW
      • Ac and DC connections
      • Easy installation


      • High efficiency
      • Excellent value for money


      • High resistance to overloading
      • Tolerates high temperatures
For GRID-interactive systems

Sunny Boy 2500

Sunny Boy 2500-3300:

Universal applicationSunny Boy HF inverters offer the highest returns of all transformer inverters of this performance class. The installation is made even easier thanks to the DC connector system SUNCLIX, the grounding of the plug-in generator, the speed of configuration and the light-weight equipment.

Sunny Boy 3300

Sunny Boy 3300

The wide input voltage range of 175-700 volts design allows great flexibility in the installation. Thanks to its modern graphic display and wireless Bluetooth communication, the device is also easier to use.

Data sheet: SB2500TLST-21 SB3000TL esp   y SB3300

  • Integrated ESS DC Power selector
  • Galvanic separation
  • For indoor and outdoor installation
  • Suitable for grounding the generator
  • Maintenance-free thanks to convection cooling
  • SUNCLIX DC system connection
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Xantrex Series


Xantrex Prosine 1800

Xantrex Prosine

Ideal for systems that already have an integrated battery charger, the Prosine 1800 Sine Wave inverter is designed for private and commercial applications. Lighter and more compact technology due to high-frequency switching technology in the power conversion process. With a total of less than 3% harmonic distortion.

Data sheet: Prosine1000-1800-SP

Two models are available: 1000W (1500W overload) and 1800W (2900W overload)

      • xantrex prosine

        Control panel

        True sine wave output

      • Removable LCD screen that can be mounted anywhere to remotely control the system

      • Unique DC terminals allow 180-degree connections for easy installation in tight spaces

      • Highly effective energy saving: consumes 1.5 watts without any load

      • Automatic overload protection and automatic shutdown when overheating

      • Protection against excessively high or low voltage

      • Protection against AC feedback and short-circuiting

      • Available in 12 and 24 volt models

      • Schuko AC socket

      • Remote interface kit for remote mounting of the screen

      • Models available with Schuko, hardwire, or hardwire with transfer switch

Xantrex Prowatt

Xantrex Prowatt: Domestic AC current wherever you may be

The compact, easy to use and install design, PROwatt SW series is ideal for use in boats, commercial vehicles and recreational vehicles. Provides true sine wave current to power all types of electrical loads including variable speed tools, advanced electrical appliances, microwaves, etc.

Data sheet: Prowatt_SW_600-1000

Xantrex Prowatt
Control panel
      • Max 700/1400/2000W, boot capacity1400/2800/4000W
      • Inbuilt digital display shows DC voltage and output
      • reinforced terminals for easy connection to the battery
      • remote on / off switch available (with immobilizer)
      • overvoltage protection (15.5 VDC)
      • low voltage shutdown (10.5 VDC)
      • Alarm for low voltage (11 Vdc)
      • Switches off automatically when overloaded or overheated