Thermal Energy

se the sun’s energy to heat your water; it’s for free, and after your initial investment, you’ll make huge savings on your energy bills.

We offer a range of heating systems and provide installation services.

  • Hot water for domestic use: Thermosiphon o Forced systems (hydraulic). We have various closed-loop systems, high efficiency and low-cost.
  • Pool Heating: Heat pump or Solar Ripp technology, for individual or commercial use
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Hot water for domestic use


Solahart thermosiphon

SOLAHART : Thermosiphon system

Thermosiphon systems are very efficient thanks to the high quality of their components, eg. the sensor, DHW, valves, etc.

Additional clamping elements ensure quick and easy installation.

The SOLAHART systems that we stock have 1, 2, 3 or 4 sensors and a storage capacity of 150-440 litres.

General data: SOLAHART esp (only available in Spanish)

Example Data sheet: solahart eng L-series

The simplicity of this system means it is easy to use and low-maintenance.


  • Easy to install, easy to transport
  • Highly durable, reliable components
  • Useful area per solar captor: 1,95m²
  • Sizes: Accumulator 2310x510x510mm; captor – 1940x1025x80mm
  • Net weight: Acummulator 84Kg; captor 40Kg
  • European certification: “Solarkeymark” and MINER
wagnerWagner&Co Solar Heating Systems

These closed-loop systems can be integrated into your current heating system. This ensures continuous operation, optimized yield and reduced electricity consumption. scale use.

Data sheets: EN-XXX_ECO-Solar-Storage_TI-MA-121219-11204500





Energía Solar térmica

solar ripp small

Pool Heating

climatización piscinas

Solar Ripp heating system

Solar Ripp Technology:

Solar heating for all sizes of swimming pools.

This new technology is particularly adapted to conditions in Fuerteventura. Dramatically reduces energy consumption.

Data sheet: SolarRipp (Spanish)