Wind Energy

ind power is the ideal solution in Fuerteventura to supplement your energy supply, perfect for boats and isolated houses.

Our wind turbines


Rutland 914

Rutland 914i wind turbine

High performance wind turbine with a more streamlined design than the previous version. Built to better exploit the intensity variations between the wind turbine and generator, the Rutland 914i has gained about 30% more power.

Perfect for small off-grid systems, eg. sailing boats. 

Data sheet: Rutland 914i Brochure


Bornay 600

Bornay turbines: very robust

Made of fiberglass / carbon with electronic regulator, Bornay turbines are designed to tilt on the vertical axis to follow the direction of the prevailing wind. 4 models available, from the 600 (2 blades, 2m diameter), to the 6000,(3 blades, 4m diameter).

Data sheet: Bornay catalogue


superwindSuperwind 350

Small wind turbine built to work autonomously even in extreme weather. Designed for off-grid use, perfect as part of a hybrid solar/wind energy system. Near-silent blade rotation.

Data sheet: Superwind